The IBD-BIOM Research Programme

IBD-BIOM is a European FP7 collaborative scientific research programme for the discovery of diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

The programme is EU FP7 project # 305479 and it falls within the FP7 HEALTH.2012.2.4.5-2 theme (Biomarkers and diagnostics for chronic inflammatory diseases of the joints and/or digestive system).

The ten partner organisations in the programme include specialist scientific and medical laboratories across Europe and the US in the areas of clinical treatment of IBD patients, genomics, glycomics and planning and statistical analysis of large-scale biochemical and clinical datasets. The IBD-BIOM research work is planned to span four years (from October 2012 to September 2016) with EU funding of six million Euros.


Our aim is to discover new, more reliable clinical biomarkers for IBD to:

  • Allow the early diagnosis of patients with IBD and
  • Point to possible molecular targets for new, improved therapies to alleviate the suffering of IBD patients.


Our philosphy is one of strong cooperation within the IBD-BIOM consortium and with other scientific and medical organisations involved with complementary research on IBD. We also place a high importance on keeping in close touch with people affected by inflammatory bowel disease including patients with IBD, their families and those who care for them. This helps us to keep our focus on producing research outcomes to significantly improve the lives of IBD patients.

IBD-BIOM Consortium

The IBD-BIOM research collaboration partner organisations and principal investigators are as follows:

Participant no. Name of Principal Investigator Participant Legal Name Short Name Country Organisation Type
1 Prof Jack Satsangi University of Edinburgh UEDIN United Kingdom Academic / Coordinator
2 Prof Gordan Lauc Genos Ltd Genos Croatia SME
3 Dr Daryl L. Fernandes Ludger Ltd Ludger United Kingdom SME
4 Dr. Iain Pemberton IP Research Consulting SAS IPRC France SME
5 Dr. Vito Annese University Hospital Careggi, Florence UHCF Italy Hospital
6 Dr. Manfred Wuhrer Leiden University Medical Center LUMC Netherlands Academic
7 Prof Vlatka Zoldos University of Zagreb UNI-ZG Croatia Academic
8 Dr. Daniel Kolarich Max Planck Institute Berlin MPI Germany Academic
9 Dr. Dermot McGovern Cedars Sinai Medical Center CS-MC United States Hospital
10 Dr. Marieke Pierik Maastricht University Medical Centre UM Netherlands Academic