IBD Patient Symposium, Birmingham Children's Hospital, 19th May 2013

This meeting was organised by IBD patients for IBD patients. The focus was on patient's sharing their experiences of living with, suffering, and in some cases thriving with, inflammatory bowel disease.

Here's a list of the videos:

  1. Start of the IBD Patient Symposium
  2. John Bradley - Intro
  3. Chloe's IBD Story
  4. Josh's IBD Story
  5. Tanya - IBD from Childhood to Adulthood
  6. Meg - Student life, Ostomy Style
  7. Claire - IBD and Chronic Fatigue
  8. Catherine - Relaxation Exercises for IBD
  9. Kath - Blogging About IBD
  10. John Bradley - Writing a Book About IBD
  11. Claire Hunt - Crohn's and Colitis UK
  12. Brainstorming
  13. John Bradley and Clair Hunt - End of the Symposium
  14. John Bradley - Thoughts on IBD in the Pub
  15. Claire Hunt - Thoughts on IBD
  16. Josh's Plate of Food
  17. The Amazing InflixiMouse

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World IBD Day 2013 Logo

IBD Patient Symposium, 19th May 2013, Birmingham Children's Hospital, UK